AmScope B100-E: 1000X Binocular Microscope

AmScope B100-E: 1000X Binocular Microscope

AmScope B100-E: 1000X Binocular Microscope

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Product Overview

The AmScope B100-E digital compound binocular microscope is a high-quality microscope that is perfect for professionals and enthusiasts alike. It is equipped with a 0.3MP camera, 10x widefield eyepieces, four DIN achromatic objectives, brightfield illumination, a 1.25 NA Abbe condenser, and a fixed stage.

More Details

Binocular Microscope

Camera and Image Capture

The built-in 0.3MP camera allows for capturing and displaying still or video images on a computer or projector. This feature is especially useful for educational purposes, presentations, or documentation. The camera also provides image capture and editing capabilities, enhancing the overall functionality of the microscope.

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Microscope Accessories

High-Quality Construction

The AmScope B100-E microscope features a durable cast-steel body, ensuring its longevity and durability. It is resistant to stains and corrosion, making it suitable for long-term use in various environments. The microscope is manufactured by United Scope under the reputable brand name AmScope, ensuring its quality and reliability.

Microscope Components

Package Accessories

The package includes various accessories that enhance the functionality of the microscope. These accessories include color filters, a wrench for adjusting components, immersion oil for high-resolution viewing, and a replacement bulb for easy maintenance and continued usage.

Microscope Performance

Performance Analysis

During our testing, the AmScope B100-E microscope excelled in providing clear and sharp images with its four DIN achromatic objectives. The brightfield illumination and 1.25 NA Abbe condenser ensured optimal lighting conditions, allowing for accurate specimen inspection and dissection. The included camera performed well in image capture, delivering high-quality still images and videos.

Microscope Competitors

Comparison to Competitors

In comparison to other microscopes on the market, the AmScope B100-E stands out with its built-in camera and image capture capabilities. This feature is not commonly found in similarly priced microscopes, making it an excellent choice for those in need of digital documentation and sharing capabilities. The durable construction and variety of included accessories further enhance its value.

Ideal for Target Audience

Best Choice for Consumers

The AmScope B100-E is the best choice for consumers in the target audience seeking a versatile and reliable microscope with digital capabilities. Whether you are a professional in a scientific field or an enthusiast in need of detailed observations, this microscope offers an excellent balance of performance and functionality. The included camera provides added convenience and flexibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I connect the microscope's camera to my computer?

Yes, the included 0.3MP camera can be connected to a computer via USB, allowing for easy image capture and display.

2. Is the microscope suitable for educational purposes?

Absolutely, the AmScope B100-E is an ideal tool for educational settings. Its built-in camera and image capture capabilities aid in documentation and presentations.

3. How do I maintain and clean the microscope?

To keep your microscope in top condition, regularly clean the lenses and stage with a soft cloth. Use the included replacement bulb when necessary.

4. Can I use this microscope for professional research?

Yes, the AmScope B100-E is suitable for professional research, providing high-quality images and accurate specimen observation.

5. Are additional objectives available for purchase?

Yes, AmScope offers a wide range of compatible objectives that can be purchased separately to expand the microscope's capabilities.

Microscope Accessories


The AmScope B100-E digital compound binocular microscope offers excellent performance, durability, and versatile image capture capabilities. With its high-quality construction, included accessories, and competitive price point, it is an ideal choice for professionals, educators, and enthusiasts alike. Its built-in camera sets it apart from many other microscopes in its category, making it an unbeatable option for those in need of digital documentation and image sharing functionalities.

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